Looking for a coverage for vacant buildings? Look to LevelFirst. We have markets for residential and commercial vacant building risks. A variety of policy terms on a monoline or package basis.

Target Classes

  • Vacant buildings
  • Partially vacant buildings
  • Vacant condo units
  • Vacant leased space
  • Risks with renovations

Coverage and Features

  • No restriction on the length of vacancy
  • Special form and replacement cost available for some risks
  • Business personal property coverage available
  • Short term policy extensions by endorsement
  • Vandalism is included with property coverage
  • No liability deductible
  • Risks with renovation work up to $250,000 in cost (non-structural renovations only)
  • Independent contractors coverage available

Limits of Insurance

  • TIV virtually unlimited (depending on risk characteristics)
  • Coastal zones tier I and tier II can be considered

General Liability Limits

  • $1,000,000 each occurence/$2,000,000 aggregate
  • Additional excess liability limits can be provided

Insurance Coverage for Vacant Buildings